Kandyway story - a loving husband gives the gift of light therapy to his wife

It all started by helping our loved ones

The Kandyway story

So what do a Biochemist, Former Pro Hockey Players, an Engineer, and an Esthetician have in common?

The story begins with a loving husband wanting to help his wife with her aging skin and a red light therapy biochemist.

Iannique and Tracy have been happily married for almost 16 years and have 3 kids. Tracy is a dance teacher, yoga instructor, and esthetician. She has always sought ways to make her skin look younger by following a healthy diet, exercising, and using a variety of anti-aging cosmetics.

Over the last few years, Tracy started noticing a few age spots and fine lines. However, she never wanted facial surgery, needles, or evasive procedures. Having 3 babies was enough pain, and she just wanted to look younger naturally!

Her husband, Iannique, had been developing science-based products since 2008 in another industry. After a few dinner conversations, he set out to help her solve her skin problem. . He started researching alternative skincare technologies to help his wife achieve her anti-aging skincare goals. Initially, he could only find temporary fixes to cover up aging skin issues, but they didn't solve them.

Then he remembered something called red light therapy that he came across many years ago and realized it might be the solution she was looking for.

Iannique reached out to an acquaintance who was a biochemist researching light therapy for the last 20 years. Together they drew up some ideas on how a professional-grade light therapy device currently used in medical clinics for home use would work.

After various product designs, 40+ clinical trials, tons of excellent real-world results, and approvals from health regulators, the Kandyway Eternal MD glow was born.

Iannique, a former professional hockey player, reunited with his former teammate Hugo Belanger. Hugo and his wife Nicole had been in the anti-aging space for over 17 years.

Nicole, an engineer, wanted to look further into this anti-aging device and see if it could help her solve her case of Rosacea, and after only one week, she was blown away by the fantastic results.

This was when they all decided to start working together and how the Kandway co-founding team and brand was born.

We are real people behind the brand with a fantastic product that provides real results.

Kandyway Founding Team

Iannique & Tracy Renaud

"I am proud to have brought to market a product that has changed how my wife and mother feel about skincare. Now that we can help others achieve real results makes me so proud."

Nicole & Hugo Belanger

"We have been in the skincare industry for 17 years and are thrilled to be a founding partner of a technology that will change how people take care of their skin."