Kandyway story - a loving husband gives the gift of light therapy to his wife

It all started by helping our loved ones

The Kandyway story

So, what do a Biochemist and a Loving Husband have in common?

The story begins with a loving husband's quest to help his wife with her aging skin, leveraging the expertise of a red light therapy biochemist.

Iannique and Tracy have been happily married for almost 16 years and are parents to three children. Tracy, a dance teacher, yoga instructor, and esthetician, has actively sought ways to maintain her youthful skin. Her regimen has included a healthy diet, exercise, and a variety of anti-aging cosmetics.

However, in recent years, Tracy started noticing age spots and fine lines. Unwilling to undergo facial surgery or invasive procedures, she was determined to find a natural solution to her skin aging concerns.

Her husband, Iannique, with a background in developing science-based products since 2008 in another industry, decided to help. He began researching alternative skincare technologies to assist his wife in achieving her anti-aging skincare goals. His initial search led to only temporary solutions, which didn't provide lasting results.

Then, Iannique recalled his earlier encounter with red light therapy. Realizing its potential, he connected with a biochemist specializing in light therapy research. Together, they brainstormed how a professional-grade light therapy device, typically used in medical clinics, could be adapted for home use.

This collaboration resulted in numerous product designs, over 40 clinical trials, and significant real-world success, culminating in the creation of the Kandyway Eternal MD Glow. The product received approval from health regulators, marking a significant milestone in their journey.

Iannique's venture into the world of anti-aging skincare, fueled by his desire to help his wife, led to the birth of the Kandyway brand. The brand epitomizes the spirit of innovation, commitment, and real solutions for natural aging. Behind Kandyway stands a story of passion, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of offering scientifically-backed, non-invasive skincare solutions.

Kandyway Founders

Iannique & Tracy Renaud