Meet the FDA-Cleared Anti-Aging Device for home use


Kandyways is fda cleared


Which skin issue do you want a solution for?

Our clinically proven red + near infrared treatments fro home use can help you fight these issues in 4 weeks or less.

Kandyway can reduce wrinkles and fine lines with Kandyway light therapy

I want to reduce wrinkles & fine lines by stimulating collagen & increasing elastin.

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Kandyway can reduce age spots and pigmentation with Kandyway red light therapy

I want to reduce the appearance of age spots and pigmentation on my skin.

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Kandyway can reduce redness and inflammation with Kandyway light therapy on my skin

I want to reduce redness & inflammation and have a younger healthy, looking skin.

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Kandyway can give you a smoother more vibrant looking skin by reducing pore size

I want to reduce pore size, so skin appears smoother and brighter with a more radiant complexion.

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Kandyway has 132 clinical grade LEDs

We are the clinical grade light therapy mask.

✔️ MAX COVERAGE: 132 LED lights and 66 bulbs for industry-leading treatment coverage.

✔️ TRUSTED: We are FDA-cleared, proven to be safe & effective. Manufactured in an FDA and MDSAP audited facility.

✔️ DUAL-SPECTRUM: Our red + near-infrared light is clinically proven to be the most effective combination for anti-aging benefits.

Kandyway Eternal Glow MD with Dog and Red Light Therapy

100% safe & natural

✔️ Non-evasive & painless

✔️ Only takes 10 minutes

✔️ 100% UV free

✔️ Natural & chemical free

✔️ Portable & rechargeable

✔️ 100% safe for eyes

✔️ Comfortable, quick & easy to use

Real results from clinical trials.

✔️ 96% felt firmer and tighter skin.

✔️ 96% felt fine lines looked less visible.

✔️ 95% felt skin appeared visible brighter and plumper.

✔️ 36% reduction in wrinkles in all patients.

*Based on using our technology 3 to 5 times a week for four weeks.

Save big and achieve clinical grade results from home!

Visiting a skincare clinic for a red light therapy skin rejuvenation Can cost you up to $200 per session.

With Kandyway, you can have unlimited sessions from home for the same price as it would cost you to go 2 or 3 times to the clinic.

Kandyway Story

A gift from a loving husband to his wife

The Kandyway story

What started with a husband wanting to help his wife with her wrinkles and age spots is now the gold standard in anti-aging light therapy.

Read more about how the story started to get a feel for how our device can change your life.

The kandyway to enhance your natural beauty

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